Are we all mentally ill?? The war inside us

Are we all mentally ill?? The war inside us

HEADLINES you might have missed: Banker Suicides? Read here  and All Wars are Bankers Wars? Watch here

Banker suicides and Bankers Wars – very bad!

By Lara/Trace

This is not my usual post about adoption. But one thing that adoption can cause is (drum roll) – SUICIDE.

I used to think about this when I was writing my memoir – why would someone take this drastic measure?

It’s obvious to me now. When…

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Waking Up Cherokee


My dear friend and collaborator on her journey (which is so connected to my own…) (more tomorrow from me)

Originally posted on Singing The Moon:

33b0afe6258529531897acef830e8be7I always become introspective around my birthday. I had a healing session on Friday with an amazing healer/therapist and we discussed the last year. The main topic was my adoption/ancestry. We discussed my Native American ancestry—and how to…

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Doesn’t this constitute genocide?

Doesn’t this constitute genocide?

archive photo Truth and Reconciliation Commission officials expect toll to rise as more records reviewed

OTTAWA — Thousands of Canada’s aboriginal children died in residential schools that failed to keep them safe from fires, protected from abusers, and healthy from deadly disease, a commission into the saga has found. So far, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Canada has…

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Know Thyself: Padded Cells of Civilization

Know Thyself: Padded Cells of Civilization

“This drama, this immense scenario in which humanity has been performing on this planet over the last 4000 years, is clear when we take the large view of the central intellectual tendency of world history. In the second millennium B.C., we stopped hearing the voices of gods. In the first millennium B.C., those of us who still heard the voices, our oracles and prophets, they too died away. In the…

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Mother Bother


When adoptees refuse to comply, will no longer be involved and begin to value themselves more than they do a few crumbs from the table, healing is happening. (Indeed it is)

(I’ll be posting more soon)

Originally posted on The Life Of Von:

ipad-art-wide-mater-hospital-420x0Way back in the 1970′s when mother blaming was in vogue and I was not yet a mother and had not yet found my mother, I vowed never to be involved in…

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What you don’t know can hurt you: Forced Sterilizations history

What you don’t know can hurt you: Forced Sterilizations history

trail of tears

Trail of Tears

By Lara/Trace

This is a short post for me.

This is the excerpt.

Forced Sterilization of Native Americans: Late Twentieth Century Physician Cooperation with National Eugenic Policies Post Date: 10/08/2010 Author: Gregory W. Rutecki, MD
  • 02:11 25:18
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Many consider the plight of…

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Guilty as charged: Aiding and abetting adoption

Guilty as charged: Aiding and abetting adoption


Daniel and Brent are profound thinkers on adoption – this is a MUST READ

Originally posted on Transracialeyes:

In a previous post [link], Lucy explores the idea of abuse that can be stated is functional to adoptive parents withholding information from a child temporarily in their care. I didn’t want to hijack that post, so I’m hoping to expand on that here a bit.

If we define the…

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Birthing the new book #CALLEDHOME

Birthing the new book #CALLEDHOME

coming soon to Amazon

On Amazon (June 26, 2014)

By Lara/Trace

Break out the cigars!  We have a new baby — the brand new anthology CALLED HOME [Book Two: Lost Children of the Indian Adoption Projects].

Whew – it took way more than nine months to make this baby!

I do treat books like babies, giving them love and attention while they grow. Eventually I let the book go off and travel on its own.  It’s nothard to watch it…

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The End Result: Fantasy-Failed Adoptions

The End Result: Fantasy-Failed Adoptions

adoption guide

no link to this propaganda ad

By Lara/Trace

I was thinking about all the adoptees I’ve met who have no contact with their adoptive parents. No calls, no visits. How does this happen?

Well, we first have to go back in time!

Let’s pretend we are a young couple (early 30s) who get the devastating news we can’t have a baby.

We see on a TV commercial there are poor orphans out there (to save) so we…

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